Awards And Insurance

The business has several prestigous award's and insurances to offer to show the company's high standard of work

     NHBC  NHBC   


National House-Building Council

Member since 1999


This provides all new builds with a 10 year warranty and insurance policy called “Buildmark”.

This service is provided free of charge by GCJ CONTRACTS








Contract Insurance Guarantee Services

Member since 1999.


This is a recognized guarantee scheme by the Northern  Ireland Housing Executive to provide a province wide register of guaranteed “Registered Contractors” for grant applicants.


As  a registered member GCJ CONTRACTS can carry out work for Housing Executive projects in Northern Ireland.




Member since 2008


This is a UK register of pre-qualified contractors and consultants.

Gaining membership to this allows GCJ CONTRACTS to carry out major building projects for commercial, industrial & civil works.




Gained in 2008


This is a third party accredited Health and Safety scheme, recognized under “Buildsafe” initiative in Northern Ireland and the “Construction Safety Partnership” in Ireland.

This certifies that GCJ CONTRACTS is operating a Health and safety management system in accordance with requirements of the Safe-T Cart system in respect to all general building activities.


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